Peebles Credit Card

Peebles Credit Card is making a way for shoppers to shop in stores that have so many clothing options for every member of your family. Peebles is keeping all of your family members in nice designs at affordable prices and that's why so many people really love shopping their store. Aside from selling apparel, they also have some other selections for your bedroom, kitchen and even electronics. Having the Peebles Credit Card gives you more than just shopping privileges at Peebles by the way. You will also have privileges at the sister companies which are Bealls, Palais Royal, Goody's and Stage stores.

Being able to shop at more than one store brand with your Peebles Credit Card really opens up many other doors and possibilities. For example, when one of the sister stores happens to have a great sale, you don't have to worry about having their specific card and you can take advantage of the deals there at their store as well. When you start out with your Peebles Credit Card everyone starts at the "preferred" level. In order to move to the next level which is the "platinum" level, you have to be already spending $750 or more using your "preferred" card status within a calendar year. Once you have reached the platinum status, all of your privileges you had when you were on the preferred level will double. That means you will get double the birthday rewards and double the coupon and sales offers. In addition to the doubled deals you get as a platinum member, you will also get free gift wrapping all year as well as free shipping on all of your online purchases.


Those are all the deals that they offer with your Peebles Credit Card. The option of shopping the sister stores seems to be the biggest draw for getting this card actually. Getting exclusive sales ads and a small token gift for your birthday is all very nice. However, it does seem that there must be something other than that to get people to even want the Peebles Credit Card. Sometimes, what you will find is that people get a store card not because of the card offerings but because of their love for the store, the customer service, and loyalty to the products they sell. When a store or chain of stores becomes known for their great products, people often will flock there just to take advantage of the deals and will get the card just out of loyalty to the store.

At the end of everything, the Peebles Credit Card will only make sense to you if you are a person who is committed to making purchases with them for the long haul. The benefits the occasional shopper will get from the Peebles Credit Card are the coupons and exclusive sale dates announced in advance if they are going to take advantage of them or not. Regardless of which card level you are on with your Peebles Credit Card, the important thing is that if you want to show your loyalty to Peebles and the sister stores you are more the welcome to get the Peebles Credit Card.